Thursday, March 8, 2007

Character Diary: Bethrina Granger (First Comes Marriage)

July 23, 1909
Dear Diary,

Dinah plans to send me away. Truly! This time, she has set the deed in motion. I found the proof.

I have known since the first day I arrived she was unhappy with me, but this? How could she do it? If only Uncle Alfred would say something. Of course there is no hope there.

I think of the day Charlotte proclaimed her love for Thomas White. Aunt Dinah fainted! I administered the smelling salts and she came awake squealing, "My baby will never marry a lumberman!" Charlotte pleaded with her mother for nigh on a week, Uncle Alfred watched quietly from his side chair. The poor girl waited nearly three years for another offer.

In my imaginings I see myself standing before her, telling her that I will choose my own husband: I will choose my life. But how can I? She has cared for me all these years. She suffers so much from my presence. I would dishonor her, and my family to do so. Or perhaps I simply lack courage.

My only hope is for this stranger, Mr. Henry Wyatt. Oh! I can't think of that now.

I must put out my light and prepare for bed, but to what good? The new street lights glow all night long and I will never sleep.

With the hope of something new,

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