Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Review of Bad Kitty

In an earlier post (March 3, entitled "Weekend Warrior") I lamented having only one reader for Bad Kitty. First order of business...I was so preoccupied with the topic I forgot to properly cite this book. I will remedy that oversight now.

Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel is a charming ABC book for children. My daughter picked this book at a Scholastic book fair. I was hesitant at first, encouraging her to choose something at her reading level (I admit I was pushing chapter books.)

Once we placed the book in our collection it became one of the household favorites. The pictures are colorful and fun. There is a prevailing sense of silliness. Cat lovers (and haters) will find something familiar. My children love to read along with us (my husband and I sometimes read in tandem) and the kids add the sound effects.

Bad Kitty is not your every day alphabet book. The Kitty is a character you can care about and unlike other ABC books has a plot with tension. The author has identified some unusual phrases and words to keep the rhythm and interest of readers. The best part is the ending...

Age recommendation: Great for emergent, developing and fluent readers of all ages.

Bonus: The cover pictures lend themselves to pre-reading predictions. Ask children to make predictions about why the Kitty is "bad." Also, how might the character on the back cover contribute to the story?


DisplacedTexan said...

and don't forget...nobody eats Uncle Murray! YAY!

borukelly said...

my 5-year-old reads this book almost everyday - for the last 6 months. i agree that it is a good book, and a GREAT abc book. but, what is xigua? i'll have to google that.