Saturday, March 3, 2007

Weekend Warrior

The myth of the National Guard is that one weekend a month is not too much to give up. The reality is missed birthdays, school events, kid's sports, church and family time.

Not to mention that two "sleeps" (as our children think of it) sounds like forever when you are just starting to adjust to the fact Daddy is home again. Home, but not home. Two sleeps is so monumentally better than five-hundred and twenty-four sleeps some people might wonder "What difference does it make?"

We all remember that Daddy used to leave for one weekend a month. Then one weekend turned into a year and a half.

Before we became a family, Daddy and the kids would travel from Washington to Oregon to visit me. The kids remember that it is a long drive from Oregon to Washington. Now Daddy has to travel all alone, all that way.

The reassuring aroma of coffee is gone.

Only one voice is available for dramatic interpretation of Bad Kitty.

Morning snuggles leave you only half full.

Laughter is replaced by grumps and groans.

Living becomes waiting.

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