Monday, January 3, 2011

Discover Central Christian

Before I started working at Central Christian School, I had no idea there was a Christian school in Redmond. I couldn't even find the building when I attempted to deliver my application! When I did find the school, I hesitated to even go in. After all, what kind of school would be in a building like that.

Typically, first impressions are not far from the truth. Central Christian needs a new building. The current facility limits the number of students and staff, the classrooms are not state of the art spacious venues for learning, and the lack of a gym and locker room is sorely felt throughout the year.

However, for Central Christian, the building does not tell the whole truth. What an individual can not see from a precursory drive through our parking lot or a quick stroll through the building is the heart of the school. The heart is found in the victories, challenges and spirit of everyone involved in our school.

If you've never visited Central Christian School, consider participating in a Discovery Tour. Each program is an hour long: provides an in-depth tour of the school, information about the history and future of the school, and allows students and staff to share inspirational stories.

This is not your typical sight-seeing tour. This is an opportunity for you to discover what Central Christian School offers.

I for one am quite pleased that God gave me that extra little push and I ventured through the doors that first time. It's not the building that makes the school: it is the people; it is the heart; it is the Lord.

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