Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Better than Diamonds

In my cache, I have two very precious jewels.

The first, shimmers with goodness, purity and light. The second is bright, sparkling, and well I have to say it, priceless. If I had to describe their color I would say the former is yellow sunshine and the latter is liquid blue highlighted with fiery red sparks.

Once a year, I have to let them go out into the world on their own. Today is that day. For the next nine months their luminosity and clarity will be challenged. It is a little like throwing them into the fire and seeing how much farther they can be refined. I will have glimpses of this refinement in the coming months, but not until some day in the future will I see the fullness of this polishing.

So, I whisper my quiet prayers for protection and care. I lay my heart before the Lord and entreat Him to surround them with His love. And I trust that these precious gifts he has allowed me to enjoy will come home more vivid and exceptional than before.

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