Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Writer's Life: Finishing the First Draft

Who would have thought it would be so time consuming to finish the first draft? Actually, my struggle is the temptation to edit and rewrite as I go. Of course, I argue, doesn't that mean I will have less to do at the end?

Not necessarily.

The story evolves. (Can I use that word in a Christian setting?) Anyway. As I write the story changes, reshapes, refines, transforms...The novel I am working on this year, is one I began almost seventeen years ago. My worldview has been refined. The story I want to tell has changed.

But I need to finish. No one else will ever read this story if I keep writing and rewriting. My story isn't meant to be the best story ever written. I do hope it is an engaging story that may have some touching or funny moments, but most of all, I want my readers to remember my characters, to glean from their stories.

Then of course, to finish book two and three.

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