Monday, April 30, 2007

Review: Falling for Rapunzel

Falling for Rapunzel is a charming fractured fairy tale. This updated version has Rapunzel completely oblivious to the fact that the prince has come to rescue her. High up in her tower, she is unable to understand his directives meant to save her.

He calls out--Rapunzel, throw down your curly locks. Having misheard his words she throws out dirty socks. A series of rhyming couplets move the story along as the totally baffled Rapunzel tosses numerous things out of the tower.

How long does the prince attempt to save the self-sufficient Rapunzel? Can a couple with such horrid communication ever find happiness? Read the story to find out!

The illustrations are fun and kitschy. Lydia Monk used a combination of acrylics, colored pencils and paper montage to create the wonderful landscape and amusing detail that compliments the words perfectly.

The recommended age level is 4-10, but it is fun for all ages, and a great read-aloud.

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